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Austin - the place that's on everyone's list

As if Sweetwater and the nearby Lake Travis area weren't enough, you have easy access to the lively hub of Austin.

Austin is known for many things.  It's the Live Music Capital of the World. The capital of the great state of Texas. Home of the University of Texas and six other universities. The place where Dell and Whole Foods got started and continue to thrive. A town where locally grown restaurants and shops are more popular than chains. Seems like Austin is always in the national news—ranked at or near the top of "best of" lists.

  • #3 Best Big Cities for Jobs 2014 (Forbes, May 2014)
  • #1 Best City to Find Employment Now (Forbes, May 2014)
  • #1 Fastest Growing Metro Area in the U.S. (ABJ, April 2014)
  • #1 Fastest Growing City in the U.S. (Forbes, February 2014)
  • #7 City in the World for Long Term Success (Jones Lang LaSalle, January 2014)
  • #1 Best City for Job Seekers (NerdWallet, January 2014)
  • #1 City Where American Jobs are Created and Sustained (Milken Institute, December 2013)
  • #2 Best U.S. City for People 35 and Under (, November 2013)
  • #5 Best City for Veterans to Find Jobs (USAA, October 2013)
  • #1 Boomtown in America (Bloomberg, May 2013)
  • #1 Best City for Future Job Growth (Forbes, May 2013)
  • #1 Most Business-Friendly U.S. City (Kauffman Foundation, April 2013)
  • #3 Fastest Growing Tech Job Market (, March 2013)
  • #7 Top City for Women Entrepreneurs (NerdWallet, February 2013)
  • #3 Best City for Good Jobs (Forbes, February 2013)
  • #1 Best City for Job Seekers (, January 2013) 
  • #1 Fittest City in Texas (American College of Sport Medicine, 2013)
  • #2 Best City for Young Adults (Kiplinger, July 2012)
  • #2 City People Are Moving to the Most in 2012 (The Fiscal Times, July 2012)
  • #1 Top City for Food (, June 2012)
  • #1 Top City for Health and Fitness (American Fitness Index, May 2012)
  • #1 Top U.S. Cities for New Home Construction (The Atlantic Cities, May 2012)
  • #1 America's Fastest Growing City (TM Daily Post, May 2012)
  • #2 Best City To Buy A Home In Right Now (Forbes, April 2012)
  • #1 US City for Small Business (OnNumbers, April 2012)
  • #2 Hotspot in the US for Technology Startups (, March 2012)
  • #3 Hottest City in the World for Music (The Atlantic, March 2012)
  • #2 Best Investment Market in US (, March 2012)
  • #1 in Job Creation since 2004 (Austin-American Statesman, March 2012)
  • #5 Best BBQ City in America (Travel - US News, February 2012)
  • #2 Best US Vacation Destination (Trip Advisor Inc., January 2012)
  • #5 Healthiest Housing Market in 2013 (Trulia, December 2012)
  • #7 Biggest Home Price Jump in Nation (Federal Housing Finance Agency, December 2012)
  • #5 Best City for Tech Startups (, October 2012)
  • #8 Best City in America (Business Week, September 2012)

Sweetwater comes with an Austin address. It's a place you'll be proud to call home.


2014 Austin Area Events

There are exciting events happening all around the greater Austin area in 2014.  Here is a list of our favorites:

November 27Nov-27.png
Austin Turkey Trot
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December 8-22
Trail of Lights
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Community Events

When you move to Sweetwater, it's easy to get connected with your new neighbors and enjoy all the facilities and events at the Sweetwater Club.

The Sweetwater Homeowners Association has a dedicated events manager to plan and implement seasonal special events and to help organize clubs and special interest groups, classes and meet-ups.

If you're not yet a resident, email the Welcome Center for information on how you can experience Sweetwater events as a guest.